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    "That Pretty Much Did It For Me": People Are Sharing The Final Straw That Caused Them To End A Friendship

    "They would just immediately launch into their problems. It's all we ever talked about and it was toxic so I ended it."

    Navigating friendships — especially as adults — can sometimes feel more complicated than other relationships in your life. Unfortunately, there may come a time when you're faced with the tough decision to completely end a friendship for whatever reason.

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    I came across a recent Reddit thread where u/Shinfekta asked the question, "What was an immediate friendship ender for you?" The responses in the thread were eye-opening and they even low-key made me reevaluate some of the friendships in MY life. Here are some of the stories people shared.

    1. "Being there for them when their world fell apart and supporting them through four years of getting their life back together. Spending massive amounts of time with them and building them up when they tried, again and again, to fall back down. When my life went to shit? Didn’t even get a week from them. Friendship over."

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    2. "The friendship became all about them. That person would never ask how I was actually doing, they would just immediately launch into their problems. It's all we ever talked about and it was toxic so I ended it."


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    3. "They remember I'm their friend only when they need something from me."


    4. "We went shopping in high school. She stole some makeup and put it in my bag! I was the one who walked out with it and luckily didn't get caught. I actually felt bad when she explained she had no money. Then, I went over to her house — maybe four months later and — found my missing iPod at her house. That pretty much did it for me."

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    5. "They said negative things about me behind my back."


    6. "I told my best friend that I was afraid my boyfriend would break up with me. About a week later she sent him nudes and accused me of manipulating her when I confronted her. I tried to make things work until six months later I realized she never apologized. Told her I am still hurt and asked if we could talk things through again. She said she was 'Sorry IF something that went in one ear and out the other had caused me so much shit.' I let the friendship die out after that."


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    7. "I once had a friend in high school who insisted my ears were not pierced. I showed her the obvious earring holes in my ears, and she said, 'No offense, but why would you lie about something so stupid?' Exactly Jessica! Why the fuck would I? So anyway, that specific experience was a friendship ender."


    8. "My best friend (or so I thought) of 10 years, with which I'd been friends throughout school. His mother sent my father a message after we both started high school in different schools and stated that he no longer wished to be my friend and that I shouldn't contact him again. That felt like the worst betrayal ever for me and has left me with trust issues into adulthood. I always feel like everyone will turn on me one day, and I judge people for it in advance."

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    9. "My friend was always asking for help but never took the advice I had given."


    10. "Friend I used to live with in an apartment a few years back was a psycho always shouting at the top of his lungs in his room playing games during the night. Got multiple noise complaint warnings because of him. Couldn't even watch a movie with my girlfriend without him yelling every five min. I had a talk with him, and he continued. I packed my shit and moved out he trashed the apartment after I left and fucked us on the deposit. After that, I just blocked him on social media and deleted his number."

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    11. "People who like to cheat on their partners. I refuse to associate with someone who finds fun in being unloyal."


    12. "My 'best friend' in middle school stole my Playstation. I let him borrow it and then he left school and refused to return it. Maybe six or seven years later I ran into him working at a convenience store and he seemed thrilled to see me. He gave me his number and said he wanted to hang out again. I immediately lost that number and never went back to that store."

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    13. "My friend's girlfriend was breaking up with him and he accidentally sent me a text that was meant for her. Tried to say that it was unfair to me that they were breaking up. Wasn't that great of a friend anyway. So when they broke up he left town and I blocked his number."


    14. "My friend tried to blame me for helping him load shit into his car after he crashed it into a barricade, saying it was my fault for not telling him to stop putting books in the trunk."


    15. "Gossipers. You can be certain that they will gossip about you too."


    16. "Me and a friend had bought tickets to a concert and I was at first reluctant to go because my mom was dying of cancer but she told me to go and have some fun. So me and my friend set a time and place to meet up. And he didn't show up, so I called him and he said that he was on his way and that he was gonna be there soon. I tried to be reasonable and told him that it was just gonna be the opening band that we missed and it was no big deal."

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    17. "When all she talked about is how pretty she is and how superior she is to everyone else."


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    18. "Me texting them and they reply back weeks later BUT they have time to go out with other friends and post multiple stories in the meantime."


    19. "They slept with my girlfriend... on my birthday. That was the day I learned most people don’t give a flying fuck about loyalty, and friends aren't really worth the time and energy invested. If you have a lifelong best friend who has never betrayed you, consider yourself very lucky."


    20. "They exposed a very personal secret I explicitly told them not to tell anyone else."


    Did you ever have a situation where a friendship ended? Tell me about it in the comments below!