People Are Sharing The Weirdest First Date They've Ever Been On, And I'm More Convinced Than Ever That Romance Is Dead

    "I screamed at him to get out and that was the end of it."

    While some first dates can go great, other times they can be a disaster. You never know what you're getting yourself into sometimes!

    raven and SK from love is blind on a boat together

    I've personally had my share of not-so-great first dates. So I decided to turn to the BuzzFeed Community to ask people to share the most out-there, wildest, or worst first date they've ever been on. Buckle up for some of these stories!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

    1. "He told me he was a Navy seal in training who was also a fully-fledged lawyer having graduated two years early. He also told me he had a blood condition that prevented him from getting drunk and to 'prove' it ordered about 15 shots and got wasted in front of me. I left him face down on the table, alerted the bar staff to make sure he was ok and got out of there."


    2. "We went to see Avengers: Infinity War on the first (and only) date. Everything was alright and I was excited because I’m a big Marvel fan until the whole Spider-Man in Iron Man’s arms scene. (IYKYK.) I started crying because I'm a fangirl and he’s my favorite character. And my date didn’t know what to do. He thought something was wrong and I wasn’t okay or enjoying the movie. He also had some limited English, so it was hard to explain why I was crying. The rest of the date was super awkward as he didn’t know what the hell was going on. Then he moved back to where he was originally from and we never went on another date."

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    3. "Back when I was religious, I was on a religious dating app. Matched with a guy and made plans for a date. The day comes and he tells me he got called into work and had to reschedule, or he could bring me along since 'work involves a lot of driving through a pretty town nearby.' I like car rides and didn't want to cancel, so I agreed. He picked me up and told me about his work — cleaning portable toilets. We drove to this new suburban neighborhood they're building, and the date consists of the following: us driving and talking for two minutes, then me sitting alone in the truck while he hops out to clean the toilet, then repeat. We barely got to spend any time together, and then as he drove me home, he was telling me about his 'social justice warrior brother' and that was the last straw for me. The guy was nice enough, but man..."


    4. "When I first moved to New York (a place with about a million great date spots) a guy took me to Best Buy. We were supposed to have dinner but he wanted to buy a camera stand, and apparently, our date was a perfect time! We were in there for about an hour. He also referred to himself as a 'psychopath' to make matters worse. To this day I get a laugh out of telling the story of the man known as the 'Best Buy guy.'"

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    5. "We had been talking on Tinder for a few weeks and he kept begging to take me out. I finally had the time, as I was in grad school, and we settled on a painting class — you know, the one where you can bring your own wine or beer. He shows up with a box of Beatbox — an 11.1% ABV hard punch drink. He proceeds to drink most of the alcohol during the 2.5-hour painting class, gets paint on my favorite purse, and wants me to go home with him. He was too drunk to have a normal conversation with and definitely too drunk to drive."

    "At the time, Uber was banned from the city due to the mayor wanting to enforce background checks and fingerprints of drivers, and I told him we should call him a cab. I even volunteered to bring him back to his car the next day. He went to his car and decided to drive anyways and proceeded to follow me to a coffee shop (I drove there instead of home to be safer) and forced him to drink coffee and sit there for a few hours. I blocked him when I left. I do not miss dating."


    6. "I was on a great first date with a guy. We went to a bar during the day and ordered lunch and a beer each. After many hours of conversation, I thought, 'Wow, this is so great!' We walk outside and he had parked far away so I offered to drive him to his car. He promptly gets in my car, lowers his pants, and starts jerking off. I screamed at him to get out and that was the end of it."


    7. "We met at a hotel bar, both in town on business. We hit it off and walked across the street for dinner and drinks. Ten minutes in, he was FaceTiming his children to introduce me. That is the only date I’ve ever truly run away from. I went to the bathroom and walked right out the front door."

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    8. "When I was 16, I used to hang out with my friend at her older cousin's house and a bunch of guys in their 20s always hung out there. She started dating one of them and wanted me to go on a double date with them and his friend. I kept saying no but finally caved. We went to a drive-in movie. My friend and her boyfriend started having sex in the front seat. The guy I was with tried putting his hand between my legs and I closed my legs so hard, he told my friend later that I bruised his hand. I somehow live through all this and made it home safely. My friend called me the next day to tell me this guy liked me so much he wanted to marry me. He was 10 years older than I was. I stopped going to the cousin's house because I was scared and as I grew older I realized how messed up the whole thing was on so many levels."


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    9. "I met the man at one bar for a drink while we waited for our dinner reservation and then we walked over to the next restaurant for dinner. He told me that I can bring my drink with me. Well, he was wrong — I couldn't. When I got stopped at the front door, he continued out leaving me behind. I caught up with him at the next restaurant and we got seated between these two other tables that were very close to each other. The ex I just broke up with is sitting diagonally across from me and we pretended to ignore each other. My date proceeded to flirt with the waitress and talk only about himself. When we got to dessert, he came clean and told me that he is married and just seeing how dating is in our town because he was thinking of leaving his wife."


    10. "I went to pick him up for our first date. He invited me in and introduced me to his roommate. Then he told me they used to date and broke up two weeks ago. Awkward!"

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    11. "I went on a first date with a guy from some dating app and it was a MESS. He showed up at the spot we were meeting in a dirty T-shirt with his dog. He then proceeded to leave the dog in his car and make me drive to a bouldering gym. I have a pinched nerve in my neck and my arms go numb if I have them over my head for too long (not tingly, fully numb, and won't work) and he got mad that I was uncomfortable and unable to do much. We then went to a restaurant he liked (tasted like dirt), then asked where I wanted to go for drinks. I named a nice Vietnamese place I had been to before that was down the street. He ignored me and took me to a different bar a couple of blocks further. He then told me he could cure my asthma with oils before proceeding to speak to everyone at the bar but me while we sat outside so he could smoke and I froze to death in my nice date outfit. I then had to drive him back to the place we met."

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    12. "I matched online with a drummer from a local band I liked. I’d been to a couple of shows and house parties where he played. I really thought it was fate because he 'liked' me first. We walked along the beach to a pub and talked about his hobbies other than the band. He mentioned that he’s really into anime, and is starting to learn some martial arts. Totally fine, I’m a nerd too in a different way. To prove that he’s getting really good with ninjutsu, he starts doing rolls in the sand. And he’s screeching 'Hi-yah!' as he does the rolls. Yes, MULTIPLE ROLLS. When he gets up, he excitedly asked me what I thought. I was honestly so taken aback, I couldn’t answer. He took this opportunity of my silence to then just lean into my face and kiss me. LIKE DUDE, WE HAVEN’T EVEN REACHED OUR FIRST DESTINATION YET."

    "The date just kept getting worse. When he was driving me home, he kept mentioning that I was too tense and tried to poorly massage my neck while failing to steer straight with his other hand. At drop-off, he jokingly locked the passenger door as I was grabbing the door handle."


    13. "I was single for the first time in 7 years. I matched with a guy on Bumble and he initially was my type — a musician, with long hair and smart. We agreed to go to dinner and see a movie. When we were texting he was awesome — funny, great conversation, and thoughtful. I had to drive 1.5 hours to meet him and he drove 45 mins (already not great). We met at a restaurant that had vegan options (he made it very clear he is a vegan and I made it very clear I am not). I waited at the restaurant for a few minutes and he walked in. Immediately I did not like him. At that moment he did nothing but I had this gut feeling 'this guy sucks.' He refused to pay for dinner because he was a feminist (I was fine paying my half). The entire dinner he was unbelievably entitled and heartless."

    "After dinner, we had to drive to the movies, hand to God, my wallet fell out of my purse and onto the floor of my car. When I walked in he had already paid for his ticket and I have to pay for mine (at this point I was over him) but I couldn't find my wallet and before I could say 'let me go back to my car' (and leave) he exaggerated a huge sigh and said: 'I will pay for your ticket even though I paid for these medical school applications.' I told him sounds good but I still want to make sure my wallet is in my car (it was). I walked back in and he and I didn't speak for the rest of the movie. In the end, I think he was expecting a kiss, but I shook his hand and left. I didn't even tell him thanks or that I had fun. This was the only time I wished I left mid-date."


    14. "I went on a first date where he told me he didn’t want to talk, he just wanted to look at me. He was serious. I couldn’t make it through a drink and when my date went to the restroom, I went to grab the bill to wrap things up quickly."


    If you have a bad first date story and want to share it, tell me about it in the comments below!