People Over 30 Are Sharing Things That People In Their 20s And Teens Should Start Doing Immediately

    I'm turning 30 in just a few months, so I'm listening...

    Listen up, youngins! I'm someone who is just shy of turning 30 — so, my attention was caught when I spotted a recent Reddit thread that asked, "What’s something everyone under the age of 30 should be doing?" I've gathered some of the best answers — along with even more from the BuzzFeed Community — for you to read below.

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    1. "Contributing to a retirement plan. Compounding over time is truly extraordinary."


    2. "Reading and learning. Doing something good for yourself."

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    3. "Pay attention to changes in your body. Check for moles, irregular bowel movements, abdominal tenderness, regular headaches, oral health, and smells."


    4. "Do some charity work. Bring home some good karma."


    5. "Work on yourself. Get in good shape both physically and mentally."

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    6. "Wear sunscreen."


    7. "Actually give a fuck about your future health by avoiding excesses like smoking and sugar."


    8. "Limit screen time and experience things first-hand. Also, when you do things, do them without taking pics or videos. I can't believe how many people I see at an event, and they are so intent on filming it that they are basically watching a great live event through a tiny screen. There are times that are appropriate for pictures and videos but not everything all the time. Live life!"

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    9. "Listen to advice from your elders. It might not seem like it, but they’ve been in a similar situation as you at one point in their lives, and they’re trying to help you by passing on what they know."


    10. "Skincare. Doesn’t have to be an intimidating 8-step routine. Even just some face wash, moisturizer, and sunscreen can do wonders."

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    11. "Lean how to shop around for things like TV and internet providers, car insurance, and trash service. Make it clear that you’re looking for quotes and that they’re not the only company you’ve contacted. You’d be surprised at how many companies will match the price of a competitor to get your business."


    12. "Make sure you have smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. One on every floor of your home, and the basement, too. They’ll save your life."


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    13. "Travel, when you can afford it and responsibly. Get lost in another place or culture and meet great people along the way."


    14. "Protect your hearing. You will still hear the music with earplugs in, I promise. Otherwise, you end up like me with tinnitus and hearing loss."

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    15. "Don’t constantly compare your life to others. Everyone does things at their own pace and makes their own choices. All your friends are getting married and you’re not? So what? I was never feeling marriage, and I’m in my 40s now. I felt pretty weird about it for a long time like something was wrong with me, but I’m fine. We are not all the same — your choices about kids, marriage, career, etc. are all about YOUR life."


    16. "I'm sorry to say it, but you have food at home. Don't go out just to go out. Definitely go out when you can, but make it worth it, something you can't cook at home or a celebratory meal. Spend a couple of hours on a day off or an evening you have a lot of energy, and pre-chop veggies, make a batch of soup or enchiladas or lasagna. Whatever you have to do to set yourself up to cook quickly and easily later — it makes it easier to still eat at home on those lower energy days."


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    17. "Clean up after yourself and make your home a comfortable, decent place to live that you want to go home to."

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    18. "Listen to yourself. If you have a sense of dread going to work every day, it’s time to leave. Sense of dread about seeing that person? Time to move on. Your guts are wiser than you think."


    Are you in your 30s? Tell us some important things everyone under the age of 30 should be doing in the comments below!