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People Are Sharing Their Best Hair Tips And Tricks And I Plan On Trying All Of Them

Caring for and styling your hair just got a lot easier.

I'm someone who loves all things beauty — but I'm also admittedly someone who hates spending a lot of time on my hair.

So I turned to the very helpful BuzzFeed Community in search of tips, tricks, and go-to products from those who are also low maintenance with their hair. And let me tell you — people showed up and showed out because these hair hacks and tips are too good!

Here are some of the best ones that people swear by:

1. "Finish your shower with a cool rinse to make your hair shiny."

2. "I use a silk pillowcase. Amazon has some that don't cost too much. It really helps with frizz and bedhead since I have a shorter haircut."


3. "I have naturally limp, haphazardly wavy Asian hair. I wash and condition (letting the conditioner or hair mask soak into my hair for a few minutes) one to two times a week."

A selfie of a woman from her mouth down showing her dark, wavy hair

4. "100% jojoba oil. I always put a few drops in my hair after I wash it. It doesn’t make my hair greasy. Instead it makes my hair healthier and super shiny — without having to spend money on expensive hair masks."


5. "For people with bleached hair, I swear by Manic Panic Virgin Snow, a very gentle purple toner that balances red tones and brassiness."

Someone getting their hair bleached at the salon

6. "Spray in your dry shampoo before bed, then when you wake up in the morning, just brush it out."

The author showing a lot of dry shampoo in her hair

7. "I love R+Co products. They have some great dry shampoos (both the spray kind and a paste) that give a lot of texture and hold, along with the dry shampoo qualities. Their products are a little more expensive than what you'd find at the drugstore but they smell great and they work."


8. "Comb your hair before washing it. It makes it easier to get shampoo and conditioner to the roots, and your hair will be less tangled when you get out of the shower."

A girl brushing her long, dark hair

9. "I recently bought the Anomaly deep conditioning mask and my hair is so much softer and less frizzy."

"I have awkward wavy, curly hair so it also helps conditions the curls better and I'm more likely to get somewhat of a curl pattern."


10. "I personally love Acure powder dry shampoo (specifically for brown hair). It works better than any aerosol dry shampoo, lasts longer, and rubs in faster."

"Also, wooden combs. I have a lot of thin wavy hair that is attracted to static and gets tangled like nobody's business. Since I switched to a wooden wide-toothed comb, I can comb my hair more with less static and frizz. It's shinier and sleeker and I can use less styling product (I literally only use spray detangler now after I shower)."


11. "I have 4b/c curly hair and after using leave-in conditioner and gel, I finish off with an oil. It gives shine and takes away the hard effect that the leave-in gives sometimes."


12. "I invest in a really good haircut that works with what my hair naturally wants to do. Another tip is that too much conditioner leaves hair weighed down a bit greasy looking. For me, less is more."

13. "Use a makeup brush to dab cornstarch onto your roots at night instead of dry shampoo."

14. "Expensive products work better. Sorry, but you're not going to get easily managed hair with $2.99 conditioner."

"Learn what goes into quality products versus drugstore and buy appropriately based on your needs. It might suck to pay more to invest in your hair, but I'd rather pay $10 more than struggle on the daily with cheaper products."


15. "I've lived in a bun for the past three years but have never been talented enough to get it looking any less than a Ms. Trunchable look. But I saw a TikTok video of a woman doing a high pony, sticking a pencil in it, then criss-crossing the hair. You then flip it back — and it makes the most beautiful bun."

A girl with dark hair and glasses wearing her hair in a bun

16. "Get yourself one of those blow-dryer brushes. I have the Revlon one and it is a game changer.

"It cuts my drying time in half and extends the time in between washing and styling for me."


17. "Wash your hair less! I used to religiously wash it every other day, now I'm more like once a week and it made a difference in the overall health of my hair and it's easier to manage now."

18. "I shower at night, then put my hair in space buns or two French braids to sleep in. I have great beach waves in the morning with no work (or trauma to my hair)."


19. "For my short hair, I use an anti-frizz serum from Garnier and Old Spice hair gel for men."

A selfie of a woman with grey short hair.

20. "My best advice is just to know your hair and what might be a great tip or trick for one person might not work for you."

"Sleeping on wet braided hair might give some people great waves in the morning, but I have too much hair for that to work and it'll still be wet when I take the braids out the next morning. Just know every trick won't work for every person."


21. "I use a scarf to achieve easy, heatless curls. It's a TikTok hack that actually works for my long, thick hair."

A girl with a scarf in her hair to achieve heatless curls

22. "If you have curly hair, flip it over, and brush in the shower with a wide tooth comb. Don't brush your hair again once you're out of the shower and use a serum rather than mousse.

23. "My hair is naturally wavy and kinda frizzy but if I spray sea salt spray on it and let my hair air-dry, I have smooth beach waves."


24. "I recently realized that using clarifying shampoo too often is not a great idea. Using more natural options, even if they are a little more money, may pay off a lot more in the long term and be less drying."

What is your favorite hair tip or trick? Have you tried any of the ones mentioned in this post? Tell us in the comments below!