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I Tried Viral TikTok Hairstyling Hacks To See If They Actually Work (And The Results Were Honestly Surprising)

Ready? Hair we go...

Hey! I'm Fabiana. I'm a girl who loves all things beauty, but when it comes to my thick, long, wavy hair... I get a bit lazy with it (as I've admitted in another post where I mentioned how I barely wash my hair). Point proven!

The author smiling

I'm always on the hunt for a good tip or trick to make my life easier — and that includes styling my hair. To take a break from my usual, I decided to try some of the popular hair hacks I often see pop up on TikTok.

After spending way too many hours down a TikTok rabbit role for *cough cough* research, I picked five hair hacks that I wanted to try. I wanted to see if they actually work and live up to the hype.

Here's how everything went!

HACK #1: Contain long, thick hair in a single claw clip by using a low-ponytail + bun trick below the clip.

I love claw clips and have always wanted to style my hair with them. Unfortunately, I haven't yet found a way for the clip to hold ALL of my hair the same cute way I see all over social media. Luckily, @breannacohoonhair answered my prayers by showing a clip hack for us thick-haired people.

A TikTok screengrab of hair wrapped into a claw clip

Here was my attempt:

The author using a claw clip

HACK #2: Easily create volume at the roots by using a flat iron.

There's nothing worse than the front sections of hair falling flat. (And I usually solve this problem myself with dry shampoo.) But when I saw this trick of using a flat iron to create volume on flat roots by @taybeckerbeauty, I was intrigued.

A woman on TikTok using a flat iron to create volume in her hair

Here was my before-and-after attempt:

HACK #3: Use a sock to achieve bouncy curls — with zero heat.

This hack almost sounded too good to be true — yet the stunning results some TikTokers like @gillianxgrace achieved from this technique were pretty mind-blowing to me.

A woman on TikTok demonstrates a no-heat curl technique

Here was my attempt:

HACK #4: Achieve the perfect messy (but not too messy) bun by making two small looped buns, criss-crossing them through each other, and wrapping excess hair around the base.

In another long hair hack, @hairby.payt shows her trick for doing exactly that.

A TikToker creating a mega bun

Here was my attempt:

The author trying the bun hair hack

HACK #5: Quickly style baby baby hairs without any heat — only a Q-tip and a hair elastic.

Usually my baby hairs are an after-thought when I wear my hair up. So when they peek out, they can look messy. But @kaylaxbbyy showed off a no-heat hack for easily curling baby hairs.

A woman on TikTok curling her baby hairs with Q-tip

Here was my attempt:

Have you ever tried a hair or beauty hack from TikTok that you really loved (or hated)? Tell me in the comments below!