14 Specific Things People Commonly Accept As Fact (But Are Actually False)

    Let's talk about pineapples...

    Do you ever stop and think about things we were taught to believe to be true that might not actually be? Well, redditor u/helloimcomingin has clearly given this some thought, because they asked the Reddit community, "What do people commonly accept as fact but is actually false?" I'm surprised by a lot of these responses. Here are some of them.

    A man looking so confused

    1. "That gum stays in your stomach for seven years if you swallow it."

    A person putting a piece of gum in their mouth

    2. "You’ll catch a cold if you go outside and it’s cold."


    It's not true. Viruses transmitted through bodily fluids — sneezes, coughs — cause colds or the flu.

    "Or with wet hair. Heard that one a lot."


    3. "That polygraph tests can actually detect lying."

    A person's hands in a polygraph test

    4. "Carrots make your vision better. They may have vitamins that promote eye health, but they're no different from most foods with those vitamins."

    Little kid eating carrots

    5. "You will get warts if you touch a frog. No, you won't, because warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV)."


    6. "That the heart is placed on your left side. It's actually only slightly left of center."


    7. "Scratching poison ivy spreads the infection. It doesn't."

    A person scratching their arm with the caption, "The rash only appears when the plant oil has touched the skin"

    8. "People only use 10% of their brain."


    This isn't true — several types of brain imaging studies show that there isn't a part of the brain that is completely inactive.

    9. "Buying a car is the best way to build credit."

    A man and a car salesperson in a car showroom

    10. "Shaving your beard makes it grow back thicker. This isn't true."

    A man shaving his beard

    11. "Antibiotics work for viruses."


    This isn't true, because antibiotics don't treat viruses.

    12. "Sell-by dates on salt."

    A person putting salt into a pot with the caption, "Salt products that contain iodine or seasonings that contain other ingredients can deteriorate over time"

    13. "Pineapples grow on trees. They don't."

    A pineapple growing in a plant with the caption, "Grows on plants at ground level"

    14. "Fingernails keep growing after death. This isn't true."

    Fingernails on a hand with the caption, "The skin around them retracts, making nails appear longer"

    Are there any other untrue common myths that aren't on this list? Let us know in the comments.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.