16 Insider Secrets About The Hair And Makeup Looks From "Bridgerton" That'll Make You Love The Show More Than You Already Do

    The team used a special technique to quickly sculpt the actors' jawlines and cheekbones before applying makeup.

    As most of you know, Season 2 of Bridgerton premiered last month. If you're a fan, you're already aware that it's full of steamy love scenes, quirky characters, and plenty of juicy scandals. And one of the very best parts of the show, in my opinion, is the stunning time period makeup and hair looks.

    The Bridgerton family sitting at a wedding together

    Erika Ökvist is the hair and makeup designer for Season 2 of Bridgerton. Everything from Queen Charlotte's elaborate wigs to Penelope Featherington's pouty lip to Kate Sharma's bronzed lids are all thanks to Erika and her talented team.

    We spoke to Erika about all things Bridgerton and behind-the-scenes beauty — including how she preps each actor's skin before makeup application, her favorite looks so far, how long it takes for the show's wigs to be made (hint: it takes way longer than you'd expect), and more.

    1. Erika wanted all of the show's makeup looks to enhance each actor's natural beauty.

    A man and a woman standing close to each other

    2. The wedding scene in Season 2 created a few specific makeup challenges for Erika and her team.

    Queen Charlotte from Bridgerton handed a crown to a bride

    "Because of that, everybody's makeup looked washed out, so we had to then go in and layer on more of the makeup. That's why it's so great to apply light layers and go with pigments and color schemes that you know you can take away or add on — because the camera needs to see it and it needs to read the same," Erika said.

    A bride and groom in Bridgerton

    3. Creating the makeup looks in Season 2 was a very collaborative process.

    Members of the costume department dressing a female character from Bridgerton

    4. Both the characters' costumes and personalities influenced the makeup looks as well.

    A woman sitting in a purple dress

    5. Erika's makeup application techniques varied depending on the actors' skin type.

    A woman holding a town paper looking perplexed

    6. Erika tried her best not to put too much pressure on herself to compete with the makeup looks in Season 1.

    A female and male character from Season 1 of Bridgerton

    7. Of all of the looks created for Season 2, Erika's absolute favorite was the Queen's heart-shaped wig.

    Queen Charlotte posing with people behind her in Bridgerton

    8. Anytime Erika saw a final beauty look on camera, she was quick to critique her work.

    A woman sitting in a white dress with a camera filming her

    9. While filming, Erika always gave the actors a facial massage to get rid of any puffiness and to sculpt the face.

    Two women wearing beige and silver dresses looking off to the side

    10. The key to all the flawless skin seen in Bridgerton is sheet masks, SPF, and a specific Pat McGrath makeup primer.

    A woman wearing a white gown looking off to the side

    "It just holds on to all the moisture that we spent all that time trying to give to the face. It also helps the SPF not to evaporate and it holds on to the makeup — so even if we apply something very, very sheer, it keeps it in place," Erika said.

    A curly haired girl looking off into the distance in Bridgerton

    11. Male leads — like Jonathan Bailey and Luke Newton — got the same attention to detail that the female actors did when it came to their skin prep and makeup application.

    Two men getting groomed

    When it came to the makeup, the base was set — and fairly minimal, meaning actors could wear it off set and have it not look out of place. "The base that we use on everybody consists of primer, foundation, and concealer," Erika said. "Even the men sometimes, if they had to go out after filming, they would go with their set makeup. That just shows how secure they felt with how their makeup looked."

    Two man chatting and looking into the distance

    12. Queen Charlotte's elaborate wigs took the longest to create compared to other characters' wigs.

    Two women drinking tea and talking, one of whom has a huge ornate wig

    13. The makeup team warned all the actors to leave their skin as is while filming.

    14. Although each character's hairstyle was different in most of the scenes, there had to remain some consistency so the hair stayed true to who the character was.

    The Bridgerton family posing together

    15. Erika and her team also made sure to use the right products to maintain the health of the actors' hair types.

    16. Although Erika and her team tried not to make the wigs too heavy, they were still uncomfortable to wear.

    Queen Charlotte from Bridgerton reading a paper

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