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    3 Not Your Average Traveling Couples You Will Love Following

    While some people just travel, others do it with a blog. Then, among those blogging travelers there are some you actually want to read! Among them are these 3 couples who have each created unique blogs worth a follow by the those of us who dream of travel (and love).

    1. The quirky couple at Oh Lobster

    You’re unlikely to find any tourist attractions you recognize amongst this couple's artsy photo blog – but if you do, you’ll see it in a different way than you’re used to!

    In the average post, Velveteen and Jack share their favorite travel moments. It can be anything from a picture from the underground transit to a couple of quick snaps from a café oozing atmosphere.

    You can certainly tell they’re love-struck, and the couple does an impressive job of making you fall in love with the shadow culture in cities from Paris to New York!

    2. The fighting couple at 1000 Fights

    It might not sound like the most healthy blog out there, but at 1000 Fights the couple are most at least honest about their fighting habits!

    3. A Cruising Couple who’ve been travelling for over 3 years

    All these guys are truly adorable and we just hope they don't decide to call it quits anytime soon!