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Chicago Teen Plays Kanye West’s Entire Discography In One Go (And It Sounds Awesome)

Kanye West’s career may span almost twenty years, but this kid just recorded Kanye’s entire discography in one take.

FabContent • 3 years ago

These Haikus Turn Tradition Sideways, And It’s Awesome

If you haven’t heard of H. O. Tanager, you’re missing out on the wonderful world of vulgar haikus. But don’t you worry, she’s making it easy for you to enter that world - her incredible book of little haikus is specifically set up to let you slide into her impropriety with ease, since they’re ordered from least-to-most uncouth. To top it off, the author pairs each image with an old-school, Victorian style image, messing with our heads a little bit more as she defies Haiku tradition with her profane poems! So without further ado, here are some of our favorites from Tanager’s new book, Haiku Princess: Poems in Ascending Order of Profanity:

FabContent • 4 years ago

9 Must-Have Accessory Pieces For Your Fall Looks

As the fall colors change, so do the clothes we wear. Often overlooked is the change in our accessories, however. This year, the runways have been showing some new styles (as well as some great throwbacks). That is why we are sharing 9 gorgeous accessory pieces you should be adding to your wardrobe for this fall 2015 season:

FabContent • 4 years ago

3 Not Your Average Traveling Couples You Will Love Following

While some people just travel, others do it with a blog. Then, among those blogging travelers there are some you actually want to read! Among them are these 3 couples who have each created unique blogs worth a follow by the those of us who dream of travel (and love).

FabContent • 4 years ago

Why Lacrosse is Actually the Coolest Sport on Earth

You’ve probably heard about Lacrosse, but I bet you weren’t aware that it is the most awesome sport you could ever play? NO? Well, we’re about to change all that with these 8 reasons why Lacrosse rocks our socks:

FabContent • 4 years ago

10 New Spectacular Trippy Videos You Have To See

Psychedelic aesthetics recreate elements of psychedelic experiences, without the need for, well, drugs or natural highs. Thanks to the artists who produce these clips, we get a glimpse into the psychedelic mind. Here are 10 of the most visually captivating and thought provoking videos we’ve seen in the past year.

FabContent • 4 years ago