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    Tom Hiddleston Used To Be On A Show Called "Suburban Shootout"

    And he was ADORABLE!

    What's that? You don't know about Suburban Shootout?

    In the show, Hiddleston plays Bill Hazeldine, Joyce and Jeremy's incredibly naive yet adorkable son.

    After coming back from missionary work in Africa, he becomes friends with Camilla Diamond's daughter, Jewel, who takes an immediate liking to him.

    Unfortunately, he does not know how to handle her sexual advances.

    Here he is massaging Jewel's adductor longus - after Jewel "accidentally" bumped into him while the two were out running, fell down, and needed to be taken home.

    Here he is getting high with Jewel. His first time.

    Here he is, trying to climb into Jewel's window.

    Here he is getting a talkin' to from his mum because she thinks Jewel's trouble.

    Here he is feeling a little overwhelmed.

    Here he is getting tricked, by Jewel, into marrying her.

    And here he is, delivering his best lines - a detailed outline of where he plans to pluck Jewel's flower.

    So, yes - if you haven't seen Suburban Shootout, you should. Because here's Hiddles in the eco-friendly love pod, which comes with its own African pipe music.