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8 Reasons Why Paul Feig Is The Best

Because he just is. He's great.

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5. Speaking of style, his rules on etiquette go well with his dapper wardrobe

I know etiquette books say it's okay to blow your nose in a restaurant but if you can at all avoid it, that would be great. #imgonnathrowup

6. He fangirls just like the rest of us

We're currently recording the theme song for #SpyMovie in the same studio that Led Zeppelin recorded Whole Lotta Love. Trying not to faint.

Over Led Zeppelin. I repeat: Led Zeppelin.

Poor men. You hear them at the office, in restaurants, in bars, their brains filled with meaningless facts about sports, cars and electronics as they entertain friends with their endless jokes about genitalia and bathroom activities, not to mention their humorous accusations as to the sexual orientation of their conversation partners. They loudly amuse themselves by hurling insults and epithets — the words "dick," "balls" and "ass" being the etymological anchors of their attacks — all for the express purpose of making one another laugh. They seem to be having such a great time that you'd feel like a monster alerting them to this one unfortunate fact: Men just aren't funny.
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