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10 Pop Culture References You May Have Missed

But now understand because you're a seasoned adult.

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1. Wayne's World and Laverne and Shirley


Wayne and Garth perform the entire opening sequence from Laverne and Shirley en route to an Alice Cooper concert.

2. Hey Arnold and Die Walküre (The Valkyrie)


Arnold drifts off into a deep sleep during a school field trip to the opera and dreams of scenes from many famous operas, including Bizet's Carmen and Wagner's The Valkyrie.

3. The Powerpuff Girls and South Park


Blossom emerges from a pile of winter coats and hats, looking like Cartman, after being attacked by new student Mike's imaginary "fiend."

4. Arthur and South Park


This whole sequence is an excerpt from Buster's short story, "The Day the Earth Was Saved" - in which Buster is killed à la Kenny (squished by a U.F.O.).

5. The Simpsons and Twin Peaks


The "scene" from Twin Peaks that Homer is watching is actually a combination of some of the characters' dream sequences.

6. Futurama and The Fantastic Voyage


In an effort to rid Fry of the parasites in his body, the Professor develops a plan similar to the classic sci-fi film.

7. 30 Rock and Star Wars IV - A New Hope


"You're my only hope" - then and now. Ironic that Liz Lemon would flee from the home of her pop culture icon.

8. (500) Days of Summer and The Seventh Seal


At the movies, Tom falls asleep and imagines himself as a character in a series of foreign films - the most memorable being The Seventh Seal, re-imagined with a Cupid instead of Death.

9. Community and Pokémon

Hilda's long list of conversation topics includes "old man Trainer", "fly on a bird", "cinnamon island", and "seal along the shore" - a reference to the Old man glitch.

10. Adventure Time and Sailor Moon


Here, Fionna is wearing Princess Serenity's dress. Also, the bunny ears may be a reference to Serena's Japanese name, Usagi Tsukino, meaning "rabbit" or "bunny."

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