20 Things Only Emerson Students Will Understand

Graduates, try not to cry too much. We all miss it.

1. Knowing from day one that math has officially become a thing of the past

2. Going to the Emerson Cafe (or EmCaf, for short) to get a bagel from Mirna

3. Dreading the intersection where Boylston and Tremont meet because it can be unforgivably brutal (especially in the winter)

4. Having gotten so used to your 30 second commute to the Walker Building, the Tufte, or the Ansin that when you have to walk all the way to the Paramount for that one class you just want to die (especially in the winter)

5. Avoiding the entire campus block on Fridays and Saturdays because of the “Gypsies” (a species so unique in and of itself)

6. Spending all of your (parents’) money at Newbury Comics or Madewell or Zara or H&M - or all of them if you’re an upperclassman and you have the time because you no longer have Thursday or Friday classes

7. Going to midnight premieres, big blockbusters, and critically panned movies at Loews / Artsy-fartsy, critically-acclaimed, most-likely-to-be-in-the-Criterion-Collection-Someday “films” (never “movies”) at Kendall Square or the Coolidge Corner Theatre

8. Being more concerned about making a meme about eCommon failing than actually registering

9. …Especially after this happened: “eCommon shot down at y:03”

10. Bragging about taking “Love and Eroticism” to your friends, only to attend the actual class and feel very, very disappointed because you’re reading “Jane Eyre” and not “Fifty Shades of Grey”

11. But then you go to your “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer” seminar and all is well

12. Hoping no one notices that you filmed your final project in the Common (because you know it’s tacky, but that’s as far as you were willing to go)

13. Being a film student and stepping inside the Iwasaki Library, only to consider changing its name to “Heaven” because you’ve never seen so many screenplays in your life

14. Being a non-film student and getting the following reaction when you say that you’ve never seen “Pulp Fiction” or “Mulholland Drive”

15. Socially speaking, Little Building takes the gold…

16. Piano Row takes the silver…

17. Colonial takes the bronze…

18. And the Paramount… Well, it’s the effort that counts…

19. How much you “Squee!” when you see this…

20. And knowing very well just how kick-ass you really are because you are part of a community that produces the world’s greatest artists, performers, politicians, writers, etc

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