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20 Things Only Emerson Students Will Understand

Graduates, try not to cry too much. We all miss it.

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4. Having gotten so used to your 30 second commute to the Walker Building, the Tufte, or the Ansin that when you have to walk all the way to the Paramount for that one class you just want to die (especially in the winter)

6. Spending all of your (parents') money at Newbury Comics or Madewell or Zara or H&M - or all of them if you're an upperclassman and you have the time because you no longer have Thursday or Friday classes

7. Going to midnight premieres, big blockbusters, and critically panned movies at Loews / Artsy-fartsy, critically-acclaimed, most-likely-to-be-in-the-Criterion-Collection-Someday "films" (never "movies") at Kendall Square or the Coolidge Corner Theatre

10. Bragging about taking "Love and Eroticism" to your friends, only to attend the actual class and feel very, very disappointed because you're reading "Jane Eyre" and not "Fifty Shades of Grey"

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