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15 Reasons Spencer Shay From "iCarly" Is The Man Of Your Dreams

He'll never make you feel the rue.

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1. He knows how to properly seduce a woman with beautiful music.

Nickelodeon / Via theresaplatypuscontrollingmetheresaplatypuscontrollingme.tumblr.com

2. He is an incredibly gifted artist with many raw emotions. Dreamy, right?

Nickelodeon / Via normaniclausnormaniclaus.tumblr.com

3. He's spontaneous and fun.

Nickelodeon / Via timetraveldeantimetraveldean.tumblr.com

4. He is well-versed in science, and who doesn't like a man with brains?

Nickeolodeon / Via weheart-nathanweheart-nathan.tumblr.com

5. He knows how to make an entrance to have all eyes on him.

Nickelodeon / Via commanderbellarkecommanderbellarke.tumblr.com

6. He understands human emotions, and will always listen to you when you need to vent.

Nickelodeon / Via freak-thefreak-outfreak-thefreak-out.tumblr.com

7. He is adventurous, and you'll never be bored.

Nickelodeon / Via normaniclausnormaniclaus.tumblr.com

8. His moral compass points due north. Always.

Nickelodeon / Via verdigrieverdigrie.tumblr.com

9. He knows how to bake. (OK, he knows how to bake bread. But who doesn't love bread?!)

Nickelodeon / Via lizabethgillieslizabethgillies.tumblr.com

10. He has a great sense of humor, and has aced the art of the practical joke.

Nickelodeon / Via jmccurdybraziljmccurdybrazil.tumblr.com

11. He is not afraid to show his sensitive side.

Nickelodeon / Via a-night-in-wonderlanda-night-in-wonderland.tumblr.com

Can't beat that.

12. He knows how to dance. Date idea, anyone?!

Nickelodeon / Via concretedesignconcretedesign.tumblr.com

13. He is just as nervous about this whole dating thing as you are.

Nickelodeon / Via gameonesgameones.tumblr.com

14. He is very fashion-forward. And has great taste in music.

Nickelodeon / Via illuminating-socks.tumblr.com

15. And finally, he will always try his hardest.

Nickelodeon / Via normaniclausnormaniclaus.tumblr.com

Which means he'll never give up on you. <3

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