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15 Beautiful Places In Turkey

That you probably didn't know about - but now that you do, will want to visit.

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1. Cumalıkızık - Bursa Province

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Cumalıkızık is a village located just outside of Bursa. The historical texture of the village has been well protected, including the cobblestone streets and the historic houses, most of which are made out of wood, adobe, and rubble stones.

3. Taraklı - Sakarya Province

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Taraklı is a town whose people are known for their incredible hospitality. The houses are old historical Ottoman wooden houses - most of which have a wonderful view between Hidirlik and Hisar Hills - and have been standing for more than three centuries.

5. Atpazarı - Ankara Province

Atpazarı - meaning "horse market" in Turkish - is located in the old quarters of Ankara at an altitude 3,000 feet higher than the rest of the city. It is a popular destination for tourists as the market houses shops that sell quality Turkish goods such as fine jewelry - like gümüş (silver) - rugs, and spices.

7. Ölüdeniz - Muğla Province

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Ölüdeniz - meaning "Dead Sea" in Turkish, due to its calm waters during storms - is a small beach resort on the southwestern coast of Turkey. The seawater is known for its shades of turquoise and aquamarine and is frequently rated one of the top ten beaches in the world.

8. Datça - Muğla Province

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Datça is centered midway through the peninsula of the same name. It is a prized location for tourists, especially those traveling by sea, because of its coves and bays, which are popular ports of call for those participating in the celebrated Blue Cruise along the southwestern coast of Turkey. The ancient city of Knidos is located on the western tip of the peninsula.

10. Assos - Çanakkale Province

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Assos - also known by its modern name, Behramkale - is a seaside retreat amid ancient ruins, including the Athena Temple and the Ancient Theatre of Assos. The wharf is alined with old stone houses now serving as inns and restaurants.

11. Side - Antalya Province

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Side is an ancient Greek city on the southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey, where the Temple of Apollo is located at the end of the peninsula - just an hour drive from the resorts of Antalya.

12. Göynük - Antalya Province

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Göynük is a town known for its sites of natural beauty. The canyons and islands are popular destinations for tourists interested in outdoor activities such as mountain climbing and scuba diving.

13. Mount Nemrut - Adıyaman Province

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Nemrut is a high mountain located in southeastern Turkey - north of Kâhta - notable for its summit, where a number of large statues stand erected around what is believed to be a royal tomb.

14. Konya - Konya Province

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Konya is the seventh most populous city in Turkey, as well as one of its most economically and industrially developed cities. The Sufi Mevlevi Order - established in 1273 - and its Whirling Dervishes are among the city's most famous symbols.

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