10 Things Us Ladies Were Thinking At The Movies

At least, I know I was.

1. “How about this: she jumps, you don’t, move on with your life, and then come away with me?”

2. “I want to go to the land down under.”

3. “Ok, Brad. Stop teasing me. Take. It. Off.”

4. “Goddammit, Ellen Page.”

5. “If I could grow up to be anything, I’d want to be that piece of toast.”

6. “Yo, Steve! Get outta the way!”

7. “I want to go to there.”

8. “And you are burdened with a glorious everything. Head. To. Toe. Especially that Mjolnir in between. Wink, wink.”

*He said it first: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PG5Or9oCA5Q

9. “How’s your aim in the boudoir?”

10. “So do you: you’re not with me. Let’s get together. Share a bottle of Chardonnay. See where the night takes us.”

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