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    10 Things That Happen When You Work At The Body Shop

    The struggle - it's real. Oh, it's real.

    1. When a customer walks in, looks around, and asks: "Is this Bath and Body Works?"

    2. Or: "Do you guys have those plug-ins?"

    3. Or: "What about the foaming soap?"

    4. Or: "Bath bombs/melts?"

    5. When a customer grabs the Banana Shampoo, reads the ingredients, and asks: "If this is all-natural, can I, like, drink it?"

    6. When a customer refers to the Hemp Hand Protector as "Marijuana hand cream," and addresses the following concern: "This could get me high, right?"

    7. When a customer smells the actual product and they say something like, "This smells a lot like grapefruit."

    8. When you and a customer engage in a battle of "Yes-and-No" and they insist you have lavender-scented anything.

    9. When a customer sees the Sensual Massage Oil and asks you if it will get them any "action."

    10. And finally - that Twin Ball Massager. Raise your hand if a customer has ever referred to it as a "penis."