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10 Reasons Why Erlich Bachman Is Perfect Boyfriend Material

He holds the key - nay, the code - to your heart.

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1. First thing's first, he is fine as hell (and we all know it).

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I mean, look at that body. You know you want him to wrap those arms around you.

2. Speaking of "fine," he has an appreciation of fine foods.

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"Artisanal?" You guys would have the best time at the farmers' market, picking out organic meats and cheeses, which you would eat by candlelight later that night.

3. He knows how to party.

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With those, uh, mushrooms you guys picked up at the farmers' market *wink, wink*

4. He's well-versed in many things, including: business, science, math, and law.

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Knowledge is power - and power is hot.

5. He's got it all figured it out.

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I'm not sure what it is, but he's got it all figured out, and you gotta love a man who knows how to do that.

6. He will protect you.

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And your virtue.

7. He's pretty deep.

HBO / Via

So much wise.

8. He's sensitive - a poet!

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He'll make you swoon *Swoons* See?

9. But he can also throw some serious shade.

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You know, like, at your enemy.

10. And finally, when you two are together, you won't ever look back.

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