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    Get Dripped” The Newest Music Video By Lil Yachty And Playboi Carti Has Just Been Released

    Chart toppers Lil Yachty and Playboi Carti have just released their new video entitled ‘Get Dripped’ from Lil Yachty’s‘Nuthin’ 2 Prove’ album. The single is destined to be the new anthem for fans of rap and hip hop and for those who appreciate the finer things in life – hence where the term ‘Get Drippy’ comes from (meaning lots of ice expensive chains and jewels).

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    Director of Photography Lidia Nikonova who shot the “Get Dripped” music video, proved why she is at the top of her game when it comes to cinematography and bringing out the best of each artist in their videos. This is the 10th music video to come out this year shot by the noted cinematographer. Her other work includes videos for The Weeknd, King Princess, Bauuer and Miquela amongst others. Lidia has made her name on vertical anamorphic music videos, a technique she pioneered during her work for The Weeknd.

    Her collaboration with Lil Yachty and Playboi Carti is definitely one of her highlights this year. She manages to capture the style and authenticity of the artists – ‘Get Dripped’ is so sharp it looks like it belongs to an art gallery.

    The camera movements and lighting are very unusual for a rap music video, making it a contemporary art piece. The video game sounding loop revolves and so do the shots in the video, camera pushing in on the rappers and their jewelry. Lil Yachty and PalyboiCarti roll through names like Prada,Chanel, Christian Dior and vintage Stüssy in the lyrics to match.The video makes Lil Yachty and Palyboi Cart seem to be art pieces themselves.

    Lidia Nikonova has already had quite the career over the years, for her work with artists like Teyana Taylor, L Divine and most recently The Weeknd as well as her commercial work for companies like Spotify and Viceland. Known for bringing an incredible style and richness to her projects, Lidia continues to innovate the medium and push boundaries of visual storytelling.

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    We can’t wait to see what’s next for this talented cinematographer from Russia, who is becoming very sought after in the entertainment industry.

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