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12 Classes You Can Actually Take

The road to becoming a sensational STEM professional is more interesting than you could have ever imagined! Check out some of the most interesting ways to get on board with a spirited career in science, technology, engineering, or math starting right on campus. Are you one of America's future engineers?

1. From Cow to Cone

Penn State will teach you ice cream engineering as part of food science.


2. Cyborg Anthropology

Lewis & Clark college offers a class on how to navigate and build for a world rife with human-computer interfacing.


3. Field Equipment Operation

UC Davis makes all your childhood construction dreams of heavy machinery come true.


4. Daylighting

MIT teaches how to engineer light in architectural contexts, and the role that light plays in building planning.


5. Acoustics, Noise, and Vibration Control

Cooper Union has a class on the creation and effects of noise.


6. Cosmetic Engineering

Learn how to MAKE makeup at Manhattan College once you've mastered Chemical Engineering as an undergrad.


7. The Joy of Garbage

Santa Clara University will school you on the biological, chemical, and political ins-and-outs of sustainable waste solutions.


8. Mechanics of Sports

At Northwestern, you can apply engineering models to the physics of athletics.


9. Computer Vision

University of Washington offers a class dedicated to 3D construction methods and technology.


10. Combustion Processes

UC Berkeley has an entire course dedicated to the science of fire and combustion.


11. Motorsports Engineering

UNC Charlotte has a special course just for racing fans.


12. Turbulence

Ohio State has an entire semester dedicated to the science of those midair bumps and how to make planes better engineered to handle them. Smooth landings only!


Crazy, curious coursework is simply one of many amazing reasons to Be An Engineer.

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