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11 Advancements We LITERALLY Couldn't Live Without

Do you even know how easy you have it these days? It's about time to take a moment and appreciate the essential technology, heavy machinery, and show of innovation and progress we often take for granted. Imagine a world without...

1. Wi-Fi

If your laptop had to be connected to the wall to get internet, how would you run to show your roommate this corgi stampede?!

2. Phone Cameras

You use it to see if there's food in your teeth, stalk the cutie sitting behind you, and most importantly... #selfie!

3. Elevators

How would we get from point A to point B without them?

4. Refrigerator

Without a fridge, how would you keep the things that are most important to you fresh?! Like leftover pizza and Husky puppies!

5. Electricity

What would you do if you couldn't power your TV or Computer? Read a book? Nope. You need light to read a book, let alone attend something as fun as this dance party, likely powered by music whose production was entirely dependent on electricity too.

6. Airplane

The next time you're complaining about not getting your peanuts on a plane, put things into perspective by thinking about making that same complaint on a slow steam boat.

7. GPS

Remember the days of having to ask a stranger to roll down their car window so they could give you vague directions like "make a slight left at the roundabout?" [Shudders]

8. Air Conditioning

No matter how cold it is, you can always put on more layers. But when it's really hot out, you can only take off so many layers... thank you AC for everything that you do for public decency.

9. Printing Press

Before the printing press, books had to be copied by hand. And guess what? The people copying them often made mistakes! And guess what again? Autocorrect definitely didn't exist back then!

10. Microwave

How did people warm up their food before the microwave? Rub sticks and stones together?!

11. Indoor Plumbing

Let's not even speak of what we would be doing without it...

Energy is all around us. ExxonMobil works to deliver energy to power many of the advancements that we rely upon each day.

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