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12 Dogs Who Definitely Didn't Do That

Innocent until proven guilty, people.

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1. This dog who has no idea what you're talking about. The couch always looked like that!

2. This dog who was just as horrified as you were when the pillows exploded...all on their own

3. This dog who knows what this looks like, but really just bested a rabid raccoon in a fight over your last slice of know, so you could eat it

4. This dog who was trying to CLEAN the room. Paper towels are for CLEANING

5. This dog who obviously wasn't playing around in the mud. Rather, he was attacked by a mud monster. Yeah, those exist

6. This dog, who honestly found the chair like this and was caught in the act of trying to put it back together

7. This dog who has no idea why some humans came into remodel, started on the wallpaper, then left. He thought YOU hired them

8. This pug who TRIED to tell the toilet paper to stop giving him hugs

9. This guy who thought it was really weird that Santa left such a mess on your floor...

10. This munchkin who thinks you should be happy he was able to best the terrible couch beast that just tried to ingest him

11. This lab who was just minding his own business, trying to figure out how to take a shower, when the hair dryer went crazy and melted itself

12. And then there's this innocent dog, who figures if he can't see the damage, then nothing happened in the first place.

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