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12 Selfies Everyone Has Sent From The Fitting Room

Sometimes a selfie is all you need. Take the best kind of selfies — the kind you love — when you're wearing EXPRESS Jeans.

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1. The "Sunglasses on" Selfie / Via

When you're feelin sassy.

3. The "Please tell me you like this" Selfie / Via

When you're in love with the outfit but you just need a little confirmation...

4. The "I found the right outfit, life is good" Selfie

Courtesy of maritzaloza / Via

When you just want to share the good news.

7. The "Perfectly staged" Selfie

Courtesy of stephsstyle_ / Via

When you took the time to set a scene.

9. The "Yes or no" Selfie / Via

When you're on the fence.

10. The "Pure joy" Selfie / Via

When you found EXACTLY what you needed, and it's perfect.

11. The "Kissy face" Selfie / Via

Everybody's sent one.

Take great selfies when you find your perfect fit of EXPRESS Jeans.

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