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10 Much-Needed Updates To The Classic Date Night

It's time to add a little zest to your romance. And when in doubt, a free Valentine's Day movie from Express is always a good way to go!

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...go hunt down a speakeasy. They're sometimes hard to find, but that's why it's an adventure!

Like this particular one whose entrance is through a phone booth inside a grungy hot dog joint.

4. ...track down all the food trucks in town and turn dinner into a scavenger hunt.

Those things are always on the move, so follow them on Twitter and have at it.

...go geocaching together.

Via Twitter: @JeffLothamer

It's like treasure hunting for horcruxes. Seriously, if you haven't tried this yet, get on it.

...hit up an Improv Everywhere event.

Famous for the No Pants Subway Rides, you can now find their crazy stunts all over the country!

...figure out where your local supporter's club meets, and join them at the pub!

Krig Krug / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: kk

When you pack a bunch of crazy hooligans into a small space, and give them unlimited access to beer, you'll be in for a wild ride for sure.