10 Awkward Valentine’s Day Moments We’ve All Been Through

Yeah, this day can get pretty awkward. Hopefully yours won’t be too painful, but just in case, you can always take your date to a movie on Express!

1. When you’re single and you get invited to hang out with your couple friends.

This is the worst. Should have just said no.

2. When you’re “kinda sorta” talking to someone and have no idea if you should actually do anything for Valentine’s Day.

This painful gray zone just HAD to coincide with Valentine’s Day. Great. Just great.

3. When you went through all that trouble to cook something for your special someone, but you can tell they don’t really like it.

Yet they pretend to like it. Why must they pretend?!?!

4. Or, alternatively, they cooked something for you, and it just isn’t very good.

Perhaps pretending to like it is the way to go after all…

5. When you’re allergic to nuts, but they forgot and got you chocolate with nuts anyway.

Oh no they didn’t!

6. When you give your date a gift, and then learn that they didn’t get you anything.

Some people just don’t get it.

7. Or, when they give you a gift, but you totally knew it was coming because it’s Valentine’s Day.

Act surprised, act surprised, act surprised…

8. When you’re about to break up with someone, but don’t want to do it around Valentine’s Day.

Just act as normal as possible. Or else they’ll TOTALLY be on to you.

9. When you’re trying to be romantic, but you keep getting interrupted by the loud couple jumping on their bed upstairs.

But are they actually jumping on their bed?

10. When you think you’re on a Valentine’s date, but realize the other person forgot it was Valentine’s Day when they asked you to get dinner.

“Oh, no worries, I dress fancy like this all the time! I swear!”

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