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    Jul 30, 2015

    28 Times Science Went Too Far

    "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should."

    1. When we used our scientific knowledge to advance the cause of evil.

    2. When we played God and turned our backs on nature.


    3. When our obsession with "progress" pushed us past a brink from which we will never return.

    4. When we meddled with the good and natural order of things.

    5. When we experimented with powerful forces that were beyond our control.


    6. When we knew it was wrong but we did it anyway.

    7. When we were driven insane by our own lust for power and created an abomination.

    8. When we took something beautiful and twisted it into madness.

    9. When we nurtured the rotten parts of our soul and let them loose.

    Justin Crowe and Aric Snee

    10. When we became more machine than human.


    11. When we disrespected the natural order of things.

    12. When we gave into the darkness and stepped, mewling, into the void.

    13. When we broke the rules that God laid down for us, and broke our world.

    14. When we tried to become more than what we are.

    15. When we turned our backs on truth.

    16. When we played at being Gods and became monsters instead.


    17. When we became drunk and mad with our own excesses.

    18. When we believed that "we can" is the the same thing as "we should."

    19. When we opened our doors to the outer darkness and let it envelop us.

    20. When we became so carried away by our own dream that we never noticed it had become a nightmare.


    21. When we indulged our very worst instincts in the name of "discovery."

    22. When we planted a seed from the Tree of Evil just to watch it grow.


    23. When we experimented with dark energy and allowed it to hollow out our souls.

    24. When we let the rot spread throughout our diseased and broken imaginations.

    25. When we gave birth to our own deranged fantasies and allowed them to take over.

    26. When we failed to think about the consequences of our dangerous experiments.

    27. When our lustful excesses turned God's gifts into dust in our mouths.

    28. And when we took one last, halting step into The Chaos.

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