21 People Who Just Want To Watch The World Burn

    These monsters are what stand between us and the beautiful society we are trying to build. We must unite against them.

    1. The lawless brigand who sat this way for an entire flight.

    2. The unholy proprietors of this ATM.

    3. The dangerous maniac who designed these labels.

    4. The devil-worshipper behind this T-shirt.

    5. The remorseless monster who was asked to buy ketchup and mayo for the apartment.

    6. The villainous anarchist who packaged these Harry Potter books.

    7. The vile misanthrope who invented these plugs.

    8. This sociopathic coffee drinker.

    9. The supervillain who arranged for this delivery.

    10. The vicious hatemongers at this engraving company.

    11. The faithless heretic who dares to sully something as beautiful as mac n' cheese.

    12. The heartless agitator who designed this notebook.

    13. The criminal mastermind who started this horrific chain of events.

    14. The subversive revolutionary who named this dog.

    15. These abominations.

    16. The hellion who tiled this floor.

    17. The hateful criminal who wrote this copy.

    18. This animal-hating subversive.

    19. This cold-blooded murderer.

    20. The malevolent wretch who installed this tactile paving.

    21. And the folks over at Advanced Parking Solutions.