• The Victor! Darth Vader

  • Darth Vader earned his iPad, iPod, and Apple TV in spectacular fashion. His Star Wars window sticker hit Digg first, then Reddit. A round of sharing on Facebook and Twitter, as well as a huge, consistent boost from StumbleUpon followed. His post was also picked up by io9, Geekologie, and FilmDrunk, which helped to increase sharing across social networks.

  • This winning post was hugely viral - with a seed of only 18,866 views from BuzzFeed readers, more than 150,000 of its visitors came from other sites.

  • 2nd Place: Philly D

  • Second-place winner Philip Defranco was able to leverage his substantial YouTube following, as well as his many fans on Facebook and Twitter to amass an impressive 63,708 viral views for this topical post.

  • 3rd Place: Ben P

    Noted Sweaters(TM) enthusiast Ben P came in third with another Star Wars-themed post that killed on Digg and Facebook.

  • 4th Place: AwesomeRobo

    With 28,767 views from StumbleUpon’s apparently rabid Wilford Brimley fanbase, AwesomeRobo secured a powerful fourth place finish.

  • 5th Place: ZombieIanBrooks

    And rounding out the contest, ZombieIanBrooks’s toilet-art-themed post pulled in an impressive 17,759 viral views primarily courtesy or Reddit. Toilet stuff goes over like hotcakes with the Reddit crowd.

  • Well Done, Viral Warriors!

    We’ll do this again soon …