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    24 Times Google Went Way Too Far

    Listen, Google — we're all thinking these things, but it's not considered polite to say them out loud.

    1. When it tried to help all the ladies become baseball stars.


    2. When it took one bad day and turned it into a catastrophe.

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    3. When it said what we've all been thinking but are too afraid to admit.

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    4. When it cruelly stomped on our honest, simple dream of gazing at the stars.

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    5. When it turned a minor brunch problem into a major existential crisis.

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    6. When it made its personal failings everyone else's problem.

    7. When it was way out of line with a casual inquiry.

    8. When it had a few too many opinions about Vin Diesel.

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    9. When it got a little bit too philosophical late one night.

    10. When it enabled our worst impulses instead of warning us about our bad decisions.

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    11. When it made us feel bad for not paying enough attention in French class.

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    12. When it spread unfounded but worryingly plausible conspiracy theories about the toothpaste industry.

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    13. When it tried to push us over the edge.

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    14. When it gave us profoundly questionable fashion advice.

    15. When it revealed our darkest, most horrifying secrets.

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    16. When it recommended a brilliant but somewhat unconventional method to make us smarter.


    17. When it raised an important but very complicated question about international law.

    18. When Street View tried to protect our delicate sensibilities from the scandalous sight of exposed front tires.

    19. When it tried to help us with a problem that nobody should ever have.

    20. And when it raised a question that will keep theologians arguing for centuries.


    21. When it got a little bit too real about how hard it is to be 11.

    22. When it encouraged us to start a catastrophic war with the wolves.

    23. When it asked the one question God told us we should never ask.

    24. And when it was far, far, far too good at finding "visually similar images."