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15 Tips To Improve Your Day At The Office (With Lil BUB!)

For those of you who didn't know, Lil BUB consults for BuzzFeed. She's become a big part of office life...

Tip 1: When your coworker goes to the restroom, tape everything on his desk together. This is called "spiderwebbing"...

...and it is hilarious EVERY TIME.

Tip 2: Meetings are the worst. Especially conference calls. Liven them up by making fun of the clients on the other end of the line!

"I like to stick out my tongue and judge them."

"Everybody now!"

Tip 3: Cut a hole out of a sheet of paper...

...and secretly place it on a coworker's head. This is called "donut-heading"...

It's funny every time.


Tip 4: If you're willing to take a bit of a risk, you can get maximum laughs by loosening the bolts on your boss's chair.


Tip 5: When your coworker brings a burrito in for lunch, knock it off his desk when he's not looking!

This is called "burritoing" and it is AMAZING.

Tip 6: Change the settings on your coworker's computer so everything's in German!

Tip 7: Put a straw in a ketchup packet and place it in a can of soda.

Find your dumbest coworker and offer it to her...


Tip 8: Put Cheetos in the office pepper grinder. This isn't a prank — it's just awesome.

Tip 9: Every "O'Clock" is "Booze O'Clock"!

Tip 10: Leave a hilarious message on the office fridge for your colleagues to find.

"Get it???"

Tip 11: Like I said, every "O'Clock" is "Booze O'Clock"!

Tip 12: Remember to schedule a meeting every day with Mr. Sandman.

Tip 13: But if you catch someone else napping, take the opportunity to shame them by drawing a cat on their face.

"Who, me???"

Tip 14: Put up a message saying that the office copier is now "voice activated."

Everyone will fall for it.

"Who, me???"

Tip 14: Pour salt in your coworker's afternoon cup of coffee.

Try not to laugh as you watch them take a sip...

Now you can laugh!!!

Tip 15: All that laughing can be pretty exhausting, so be sure to have a comfortable box on your desk where you can relax.

Quitting time! At the end of the shift, everyone will thank you for helping them get through another tough day.

They can't stay mad at you for long. You're way too cute.

"Thanks BUB!!! We love you!"

All photos by Macey J. Foronda.