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    Posted on Jul 4, 2013

    15 Things That Escalated A Little Bit Too Quickly

    A friendly reminder to take things slow, because sometimes they can get out of hand, like, really surprisingly fast.

    1. A hunting trip.

    2. The creepiness quotient in this status.

    3. This opening paragraph.

    4. A walk home.

    5. A bird sighting.

    6. This conversation with Jesus.

    7. This encounter in a children's book.

    8. This mid-afternoon snack.

    9. This conversation about a turtle.

    10. This foray into social media.

    11. This.

    12. Google's suggested searches for "Why can't I just."

    13. This excellent to-do list.

    14. This escalator experience.

    15. And this one.

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