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25 Things Cats Are Secretly Obsessed With

People are always talking about, like, yarn and tuna and catnip or whatever, but these are the things that cats REALLY care about.

1. C-3PO

2. Playing video games with their eyes closed.

3. Balloons

4. Falling asleep on the job.

5. Babar the elephant

6. TiVo

7. Portals

8. George Costanza

9. Risk

10. Acting like they have seen a ghost.

11. Coors Light

12. A robust salad

13. Dressing up as wizards.

14. Stylish homemade scarves

15. Watching you suspiciously in the wing mirror.

16. Cute rat toys

17. Feather dusters

18. The VW Bug

19. Making it rain.

20. Baguette arm and leg warmers.

21. Waking up in decor that is entirely themed around you.

22. Pretending to be penguins.

23. Nonchalantly riding bicycles.

24. Politics

25. Organization