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The Top 10 Brawls Of 2010

2010 was a year of brawls. I mean, probably every year is, but this year everyone was all about filming them and putting them on YouTube and speculating endlessly about them. These were the ones that hit really big. Some of them are funny and some of them are just kind of sad. Here's to more brawls in 2011! Or not. No more brawls. Whichever.

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  • 10. The Craziest Ex-Girlfriend

    Only gets physical right at the end, but there's enough emotional abuse in here for a lifetime.

  • 9. Mel's Diner

    Something went down at Mel's Diner a few days ago. This makes the list for the sheer number of people involved.

  • 8. Italian News Room Fight

    Italian reporters have an entirely different concept of professional workplace behavior.

  • 7. LA Hipster/Dickhead Fight

    No one was hurt in the making of this video.

  • 6. Meltdown At The Subway

    Starts with a bang; ends with a whimper.

  • 5. Russian Wedding Photographer Fight

    In Russia, this is considered a sign that your marriage is going to be blessed.

  • 4. The Peckham Terminator

    Skip to 3:10 and watch this now-legend walk through a glass door.

  • 3. Denny's Brawl

    They tore this mother fucker up!!!

  • 2. Boston Street Justice

    Street thugs in Boston meet with some genuinely impressive vigilante justice in the form of a baseball bat.

  • 1. Epic Beard Man

    Who could forget Thomas Bruso? Epic Beard Man, you were the very quintessence of online brawls this year. Congrats on your unbelievably weird 15 minutes of fame.