• 10. The Craziest Ex-Girlfriend

    Only gets physical right at the end, but there’s enough emotional abuse in here for a lifetime.

  • 9. Mel’s Diner

    Something went down at Mel’s Diner a few days ago. This makes the list for the sheer number of people involved.

  • 8. Italian News Room Fight

    Italian reporters have an entirely different concept of professional workplace behavior.

  • 7. LA Hipster/Dickhead Fight

    No one was hurt in the making of this video.

  • 6. Meltdown At The Subway

    Starts with a bang; ends with a whimper.

  • 5. Russian Wedding Photographer Fight

    In Russia, this is considered a sign that your marriage is going to be blessed.

  • 4. The Peckham Terminator

    Skip to 3:10 and watch this now-legend walk through a glass door.

  • 3. Denny’s Brawl

    They tore this mother fucker up!!!

  • 2. Boston Street Justice

    Street thugs in Boston meet with some genuinely impressive vigilante justice in the form of a baseball bat.

  • 1. Epic Beard Man

    Who could forget Thomas Bruso? Epic Beard Man, you were the very quintessence of online brawls this year. Congrats on your unbelievably weird 15 minutes of fame.