The 'Killer Cat' Meme That Won't Die

    Alt title: "Nation Surprised To Discover Cats Are Jerks."

    Everybody's got it out for the cats nowadays. After a report from the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and the Fish and Wildlife Service estimated that outdoor cats are responsible for the tragic deaths of (an estimated) 2.4 billion birds a year, anti-cat propaganda has reached a fever pitch (by which I mean a short, sensible article in The New York Times' Science section).

    For a nation that kills well over 7 billion birds a year in factory farms, it seems like a weird thing to worry about.

    But here are some key talking points for the next time someone sends you this "killer cats" study:

    1. Cats are jerks.

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    2. People are jerks.

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    3. It sucks to be a bird.

    The end.