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The 29 Greatest Moments In The History Of Bathtime

"These were the greatest bathtimes of our lives." -Bob Dylan

29. The Absent-Minded Tiger

28. The Slight Overreaction

27. The "If In Doubt, Bring A Friend"

26. The Loneliest Duckling

25. The Big Dog In The Little Tub

24. The Unsuspecting Corgi

23. The Surprised Elephant

22. The Hot Tub Panda

21. The Polar Plunge

20. The Sinkful Of Pure Joy

19. The Soapy Lion

18. The Giant Tongue

17. The Floating Pom

16. The Ugly Parrots

15. The Contented Sloth

14. The Exhausted Raccoon

13. The Guinea Pig Lamaze Class

12. The Unhappy Camper

11. The Double Trouble

10. The Budget Rainstorm

9. The World's Laziest Puppy In A Sink

8. The Frozen Otter

7. The Saddest Husky

6. The Lazy Sunday

5. The Disheveled Dog And Guinea Pig Combo

4. Three Sloths In A Bucket

3. The "Oh Captain My Captain"

2. The Look Of Recrimination

1. The Relaxed Hedgie