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    Finnish Photographer Captures The Fairytale Beauty Of Forest Life

    "Dryads brown as the leaf move in the gloom of the glade. When meadows are grey with the morn, dim night in the wood has delayed." – Siegfried Sassoon

    Joachim Munter is a Finnish photographer whose richly colored and mesmerizing photoseries "Into the Wildlands of Finland" conveys a sense of magic and mystery in its intimate depiction of woodland creatures.

    Munter will spend up to a day in the company of these animals in order to gain their trust and allow them to feel comfortable around him so that he can capture these gorgeous portraits, whose dreamlike, fairytale quality stems as much from their rich tapestry of colors as it does from a powerful sense of closeness to the animals themselves, as if they are letting you in on a secret.

    Joachim Munter, via Fubiz