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The 57 Cutest Tumblrs In The World

These are 57 "must-follow" Tumblrs for anyone who wants to know what's cute. Follow these awesome Tumblrs now and add your own favorites in the comments!

  • 1. The Kitten Covers

    The Kitten Covers

    Kitten covers has everything - classic album covers and kittens. Which, like I said - everything.

  • 2. Eat, Sleep, Sniff

    Eat, Sleep, Sniff

    Delightful illustrations that capture the genuine oddness of cats and their ways.

  • 3. Cat Versus Human

    Cat Versus Human

    A brilliant and adorable document of the fiercest and longest-lasting battle in human history.

  • 4. The Fluffington Post

    The Fluffington Post

    Real, hard-hitting news that is actually relevant to your life, for once.

  • 5. Well Dressed Animals

    Well Dressed Animals

    A brilliantly curated selection of the most refined and fashionable animals on the planet.

  • 6. Hover Animals

    Hover Animals

    An important Tumblr that finally fills the too-long-ignored Internet demand for photographs of hovering animals.

  • 7. Emotipugs


    Change your life right now by filling it with pugs experiencing a wide range of emotions.

  • 8. Dogs Wearing Hats

    Dogs Wearing Hats

    Dogs wearing hats, clearly. But so much more. So much more.

  • 9. Animals With Glasses

    Animals With Glasses

    More short-sighted animals than you could possibly imagine. "I don't know. I can imagine quite a bit." "You'll get it."  "I better!" "You will."

  • 10. Cats Wearing Sweaters

    Cats Wearing Sweaters

    All the cats; all the sweaters; maybe a dress or two - essentially, everything that you have ever wanted.

  • 11. Eff Yeah Basset Hounds

    Eff Yeah Basset Hounds

    You know how you are always like, "Everything is going pretty good, but I do wish I had more Basset hounds in my life"? Yeah, well, look no further.

  • 12. The Cat Scan

    The Cat Scan

    FREE cat scans. Free! And GLORIOUS.

  • 13. Fuck Yeah Great Owls

    Fuck Yeah Great Owls

    There is a reason they call them Great Owls. This excellent Tumblr shows you why.

  • 14. Bunny Food

    Bunny Food

    Bunny Food may be the best there is at finding top-quality, life-changing cuteness from the darkest, most adorable corners of the Web. Must-follow.

  • 15. All Creatures

    All Creatures

    Not just any creatures - all the creatures - expertly curated.

  • 16. Animals Talking In All Caps

    Animals Talking In All Caps


  • 17. OMG Sloths

    OMG Sloths

    Sloths are so hot right now, and this Tumblr is at the forefront.

  • 18. The Daily Otter

    The Daily Otter

    A vastly necessary, daily dose of otter wonderfulness to satisfy all your otter needs.

  • 19. Fuck Yeah Puppies

    Fuck Yeah Puppies

    A majestic, soaring celebration of all things puppy.

  • 20. FYOwls


    Get more owls in your life ASAP with this delightful owl-themed Tumblr.

  • 21. Animals With Stuffed Animals

    Animals With Stuffed Animals

    Legendary. Seriously life-changing.

  • 22. Iz Kyoot

    Iz Kyoot

    Almost (almost) TOO cute. Be very careful.

  • 23. Notes For My Future Farm

    Notes For My Future Farm

    Often cute, always charming. This should be your bible if you are someone who secretly wishes they lived on an awesome farm.

  • 24. Horses Or Nothing

    Horses Or Nothing

    Horses are AMAZING and if you are not aware of that, you need to EDUCATE yourself. Start with this Tumblr.

  • 25. Fuck Yeah, Cat Sweaters!

    Fuck Yeah, Cat Sweaters!

    A magnificent celebration of cats with sweaters, cats on sweaters, and everything in between.

  • 26. Anti-Oppressive Baby Animals

    Anti-Oppressive Baby Animals


  • 27. The Frogman

    The Frogman

    What can I say about The Frogman except that The Frogman is the best. If you are not following him, you probably shouldn't even be on Tumblr.

  • 28. Pusheen


    An unrelentingly delightful glimpse into the comings and goings of the world's most adorable cat who is also an animated gif.

  • 29. Maru The Cat

    Maru The Cat

    All Maru, all the time. Why do we even have other blogs?

  • 30. Pudgy Kitties

    Pudgy Kitties

    Indispensable. Seriously.

  • 31. Caturday


    A magical, near-perfect world where EVERY day is Caturday.

  • 32. Cybergata


    One of the best selections of cat pictures on the Web.

  • 33. Kittens Kittens Kittens

    Kittens Kittens Kittens

    If you are looking for a kitten Tumblr that delivers, look no further.

  • 34. It's Painfully Cute

    It's Painfully Cute

    Quite possibly more cuteness than you can handle.

  • 35. Worldly Cats

    Worldly Cats

    Cats from other countries for folks who like their kitties to be a bit more cosmopolitan.

  • 36. Pretty Birds

    Pretty Birds

    Sometimes cute - often gorgeous.

  • 37. F-Yeah Baby Animals

    F-Yeah Baby Animals

    Any baby animal who is anyone belongs on here.

  • 38. Fuck Yeah Elephants

    Fuck Yeah Elephants

    If this Tumblr doesn't make you love elephants, then you are probably a lost cause.

  • 39. Hungover Owls

    Hungover Owls

    Owls go hard, but they also live to regret it. This Tumblr is a fantastic document of that fact.

  • 40. Fuck Yeah Dogs On Computers

    Fuck Yeah Dogs On Computers

    Absolutely essential pictures of hard-working office dogs from every walk of life.

  • 41. Daily Bunny

    Daily Bunny

    Breaking bunny-picture news delivered right to your Dashboard. STAY INFORMED.

  • 42. Meow Meow Maru

    Meow Meow Maru

    One of the best ways to keep up with every damn thing that Maru is doing because if you don't know where Maru is right now then you don't know anything that matters.

  • 43. Dogs Waiting For Their Humans

    Dogs Waiting For Their Humans

    A fantastic photography series by Frank Olinsky.

  • 44. Dream Cats

    Dream Cats

    These are the sleepy, soft-focus cats of your dreams. Worship them.

  • 45. Squish Face Dogs

    Squish Face Dogs

    Dogs with squishy faces! It doesn't get tooooo much better than this.

  • 46. Food On My Dog

    Food On My Dog

    Different food, on the same dog. Genius.

  • 47. Dogs Of The Interwebs

    Dogs Of The Interwebs

    All the Internet dogs that matter.

  • 48. Maddie On Things

    Maddie On Things

    This dog gets onto everything. She is amazing.

  • 49. Cats Rule & Dogs Drool

    Cats Rule & Dogs Drool

    True story.

  • 50. Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson

    Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson

    One of the most important Tumblrs alive right now.

  • 51. Animals Having Parties

    Animals Having Parties

    PSA: Animals are having parties all the time, and this Tumblr is your invite.

  • 52. Corgi Addict

    Corgi Addict

    This will help a lot with those corgi cravings, but if you think you have a problem, you are definitely better off going cold turkey.

  • 53. Text From My Dog

    Text From My Dog

    Texting with your obnoxious dog is the new cutest/most hilarious thing around.

  • 54. Tommy Pom

    Tommy Pom

    Tommy Pom is the pomeranian who invented Tumblr. I think.

  • 55. Fuck Yeah Cute Animalss

    Fuck Yeah Cute Animalss

    Certified cuteness experts over here.

  • 56. Cats, Beavers & Ducks

    Cats, Beavers & Ducks

    The three most important animals together on one glorious Tumblr. But mostly cats. And sometimes a rabbit or two.

  • 57. Cats Are Hats

    Cats Are Hats

    Important breaking news about cats who are hats.

  • 58. The Daily Frenchie

    The Daily Frenchie

    You definitely need all of these Frenchies in your life right now.

  • 59. Catasters


    Cats + Disasters = a goddamn masterpiece.

  • 60. ReviewOfMyCat


    The best cat reviews on the entire Internet.