• Family Picture Failure

    (OK, mostly non-cat-related.) This year, some of us learned that pets don’t necessarily understand how a family portrait works.

  • Cute Spider

    I was also surprised to discover that spiders can be cute, though I’m not sure that makes them any less evil.


    Um, we’re going to be in the Hudson. I still say that whenever I’m having a bad day.

  • Boxxy

    I know. But there was something about how this whole thing played out that was utterly fascinating. Why, Boxxy? Why?

  • I Am Jack Bauer

    Rarely has a song so profoundly captured the essence of a fictional character’s soul. Listening to this, you know, for just a moment, what it must be like to be Jack Bauer.

  • Tickling A Slow Loris

    Remember when they tickled that slow loris, and you were like, what the fuck is a slow loris?

  • Star Wars Retold By Someone Who Hasn’t Seen It

    These guys knocked it out of the park.

  • Autotune The News

    Sublime. This is the one that started it all for them.

  • JK Wedding Dance

    I found this video really moving. Wait, I mean, ha ha, look at those dumbasses doing that stupid dance! Weddings are for suckers.

  • Weird Alf

    Say goodbye to your fond childhood memories of this show. There’s a whole series of these, if you don’t find this one to be quite emotionally scarring enough.

  • Between Two Ferns

    Zach Galifianakis should be interviewing people just like this every evening instead of whatever the hell it is that Jay Leno is trying to do.

  • Fun With Tube

    This video makes me want to have a child.

  • Hey Paul Krugman

    Rockcookiebottom has been writing a song a day all year. One of them was bound to be a fucking classic. Timothy Geithner should have resigned as soon as he watched this.

  • Barney Frank And The Dining Room Table

    More politics! I loved it when Barney Frank called that woman a piece of furniture. That was stone cold.

  • Melodramatic Otters

    Otters just completely overdid things in 2009.

  • Fake Head In The Bed

    I don’t normally like pranks, but this one was fantastic. Spoiler: she gets really scared by the fake head.

  • Hey There Cthulhu

    A beautiful tribute to everyone’s favorite great old one. This one goes out to all you cultists out there.

  • Jaguars Ponder The Meaninglessness Of Existence

    The Onion gets it exactly right more often than not, but this particular little bit of faux-reporting was simply masterful.

  • Meta-Enabling

    I want to fucking marry meta-enabling. Best concept of 2009. It sums up everything.