• Obama Wins The Heisman

    People were sure it was going to be Tebow, until Barack declared himself as eligible. He deserves it! (From John S.)

  • Obama Wins the Flower Cup!

    Take that, Princess Peach! (From Jennifer Mrazek.)

  • Obama Destroys The Death Star

    That shot was one in a million, Mr. President! (From Lazar Taxon.)

  • Bo Wins Best In Show!

    If Barack is Superman, Bo is like Krypto (jokes for nerds!!!). From Anitalawyer.

  • Barack Wins The Womens Individual Gymnastics Gold

    I can’t believe he stuck that landing! (From Joey Joseph.)

  • And then sets the record for most Olympic medals ever …

    I mean, wow. 8 golds! Take that, Mark Spitz. (From Amanda.)

  • The RNC Nomination!

    Total surprise there! Picking Palin as a running mate gave him a huge boost with the base. (From Starpulse.)

  • Obama Is Miss America

    Totally owned the swimsuit segment. (From Derek H.)

  • The Presidency

    Nobel Prize and the Presidency of the USA? Seems like kind of a stretch … (From Bear Vs. Shark.)

  • Everything Else

    Here’s a video. (From Endswell.)