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The Best, Most Primo Buzz Of 2010

This is the primo shit, y'all. I'm not talking about the skunky, schwag buzz that Matt and Tanner have been pushing on you. I'm talking about the Real Deal Holyfield. Check this ish out.

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  • Lukeywes1234

    Y'all remember this shit - when 4chan decided to make some random kid famous? This buzz is TIGHT.

  • Axe Cop

    Close your eyes, step back, and just try to smell the aroma coming off of this sweet, sweet buzz. This shit is the dankity dank. It is about an illustrator who drew a comic that his 5-year-old brother made up.

  • Die Antwoord

    So fresh. So kind.

  • Pomplamoose: Don't Want To Miss A Thing

    This buzz is truly potent, dudes. It's got Pamplamoose in it, so use at your own risk.

  • Birds On Wires Converted To Music

    Fire up this next buzzzzzz and you will be feeling the FX for the rest of the day. This is the Humboldt Gold, my friends - this is buzz kryptonite for your MIND.

  • Werner Herzog Reads Curious George

    Y'all ready to kick back with some knock-you-out, full-flavor, hydroponic buzz now? Some of the primo, dankity ... Actually, you know what? There is no way I can sustain this stoner talk throughout the rest of this list. Here is a video from earlier this year of someone pretending to be Werner Herzog reading a Curious George book. It is very funny.

  • You're Not A Single Lady

    The lone baby representative from 2010. A good one nonetheless.

  • Raaaaaaaandy Vs. Justin Bieber

    The tragic tale of a beef between two of the greatest tween superstars of 2010. Raaaaaaaandy and Justin Bieber, motherfucker!

  • Bieb Flag

    As a proud owner of this excellent T-shirt, I can affirm that it either confuses or angers people, depending on their age.

  • The World Meets Stefon

    Sometimes, just very, very occasionally, Saturday Night Live is funny. It's like monkeys typing Shakespeare. And they typed the shit out of this particular Shakespeare. (Yikes to that extended metaphor! To late to turn back now.)

  • Best Cry Ever

    Goodness gracious. This really was an exceptionally good cry.

  • Bros Icing Bros


  • Jessi Slaughter

    Haha. Cyber Police. Jessi Slaughter and her dad gave us some pretty good times this year.


    Only because I can now never look at a coathook the same way again.

  • Between Two Ferns

  • Meowrissey

    If you ask me, I won't say meow. How could I?

  • Bed Intruder Song

    Not that I can ever listen to this insidious little earworm ever again. But it was good while it lasted.

  • Kathleen Hanna Performs "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

    This was hilarious and wonderful, but it also made me a little bit sad. I am getting old and nostalgic.

  • Make Your Own Four Loko Homebrew

    Tanner and I made our own Four Loko.

  • Song Lyrics As Google Maps Directions

    We made these together, and it was a blast. I want to do more stuff like this next year. Well worth checking out the whole list.

  • Collaborative Calvin Faces

    The BuzzFeed community got together to make Calvin faces. It went really well.

  • Sex Explained By Pens

    This is really only on the list because of how absurdly well it did. It's close to my most viewed post on BuzzFeed ever.

  • The 10 Nicest Things About Rush Limbaugh

    This was an incredibly hard list to compile.

  • 109 Cats In Sweaters

    This was a surprisingly easy list to compile.

  • Children's Drawings Painted Realistically

  • Self Potato

  • And finally, Paul Rudd's Computer

    Best for last.

  • Happy New Year, you guys!