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The Amazing Saga of Crasher Squirrel!!!

From his lowly beginnings last week as a humble, family-photo-interrupting rodent, Crasher Squirrel, thanks to the creative work of BuzzFeed readers, has moved into full Internet Takeover Mode!!! No longer content with his picture-crashing beat at Lake Minnewanka, Crasher Squirrel now lurks behind every corner, ready to spring headfirst into the sights of anyone who dares to snap a picture. This is his story.

  • 1. Crasher Squirrel's Humble Beginning

    In this now infamous photo, taken by Melissa Brandts, Crasher Squirrel hopped in front of the camera just as the timer was going off. It was the beginning of something BIG.

  • 2. Family Portraits

    Pretty soon after that, BuzzFeed reader Colin M. and our friends at Urlesque made the amazing simultaneous discovery that Crasher Squirrel had been showing up in quite a number of seemingly innocuous family portraits. A meme was born...

  • [class photo discovered by Lin P]

  • [ruining a perfectly good snapshot of the leaning tower of pisa. discover by Pawel S.]

  • 3. Paparazzi Shots

    Apparently not content with interrupting people's family portraits and vacation photos, Crasher Squirrel decided it was time to go high profile. Before long, he was appearing in celebrity snapshots and paparazzi pics. Here he is with his best friend Vladimir Putin.

  • [hangin' with heidi and spencer. discovery by gammaworx]

  • [lurking in the background of a once-happy family.]

  • [he even crashed the beer summit! discovery by julie b.]

  • 4. Crasher Squirrel Throughout History

    It soon became clear that Crasher Squirrel - or one of his ancestors - had been interposing himself where he wasn't wanted for decades. BuzzFeed's archivists and historians started discovering Crasher Squirrel in some of the most famous historical photos of our time, including this shot of the faked moon-landing.

  • [just before the beatles walked out. discovery by christopher h]

  • [you won't have crasher squirrel to kick around anymore! discovery by sue]

  • [celebrating the end of the war. discovery by linda m]

  • [crasher squirrel is nothing if not a patriot. discovery by accessall]

  • 5. Famous Artworks

    Crasher Squirrel has even been seen accidentally painted in to early versions of famous art works! Here he is at the Last Supper!

  • [birth of squirrel. discovery by beck]

  • [ruining a gormley exhibit. discovery by pat ronising.]

  • [look very closely. discovery by pat ronising.]

  • 6. The Story Continues ...

    Once people started seeing Crasher Squirrel in classic paintings, they began to see him as an objet d'art in his own right. The important new field of Crasher Squirrel art was born...

  • [andy-warhol-ized, by rex conrad]

  • [crasher squirrel, the movie. discovered by james chutter]

  • [system error, aug. 2009, by jeff l]

  • [esquirrel magazine, april, 1968]

  • 7. Where Will He Turn Up Next?

    Only time will tell where Crasher Squirrel will turn up next. But we predict big things for him. Big things. Thanks to all of BuzzFeed's readers for making Crasher Squirrel an Internet superstar!!! Create your own Crasher Squirrel here or by using the photo editor below!