The 11 Most Unlikely Sexual Fetishes

Are you in the market for a new sexual fetish? Here are some real, actual sexual fetishes to choose from that mostly involve just regular stuff that you can find around the house. Have fun, be safe, etc.

1. Lifting And Carrying

This is a real fetish. It’s all over YouTube. It’s the fetish where you lift someone up and carry them around. It is an odd thing to sexualize.

2. Balloon Popping

This is the sexual fetish where you sit on balloons and then pop them by sitting on them. In, like, a sexual way? Take off your shirt first.

3. Adult Babies

This is the sexual fetish where you act like a baby and have someone “take care of you.” I hate it.

4. Belly Button Torture

This is another thing that is a real thing. The way to do it is you have to be all, “Oh, my. This belly button of mine is being stimulated by this pencil or other implement! This is aggravating, but otherwise quite sexy.”

5. Gut Flopping

Self-explanatory. Just flop the gut onto the dude. Helps if you tell them they’ve been naughty, though that should be obvious from the fact that you are punishing them in the first place. Some people need it spelled out, I guess.

6. Beard Rubbing

The bed-tent and the cat are actually not strictly necessary for a beard rubbing fetish. But they help. My God, do they help.

7. Mudvids

Squish that mud! No, seriously, keep squishing around in that mud. It is turning me on. Sexually.

8. Pedal Pushing

This is the one where you push on the pedals with your feet. I think maybe it’s one of those things where you have to be there?

9. Getting In Bubbles

The getting in bubbles fetish takes a lot of work and you run through a lot of giant bubbles, which are hard to come by in this economy. But definitely worth it if you are the kind of person who is super turned on by getting inside a giant bubble and then blowing it up.

10. Woolies

This is probably the warmest sexual fetish.

11. Masking

I don’t want to talk about this one anymore.

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