22 Signs That Your Train Station Is Mocking You

    Your daily commute is enough of a trial without having to worry that you've been made into a laughing stock.

    1. It is more concerned with taking a passive aggressive jab at Apple Maps than it is with giving you information.

    2. Its "inspirational quote" is actually just a thinly veiled complaint about the weather.

    3. It appears to be a little bit TOO willing to accept and accomodate people of every different persuasion.

    4. It presumes too much about your relationship with the other commuters.

    5. It starts to get really creative with its apologies.

    6. Even the local squirrels are trying to take advantage of you.

    7. Your train consistently fails to inspire any sort of confidence.

    8. Some of the new routes seem highly suspicious.

    9. All the dogs appear to be getting off at the wrong stops.

    10. They are far too strict with the naughty passengers.

    11. They're oddly aggressive about the slow lane.

    12. The people you meet on your commute just make you lonelier.

    13. Turbulence.

    14. Sloths.

    15. The stresstwig is too high to reach.

    16. Even the mice are out to get you.

    17. Everyone thinks it's highly amusing when you're lost.

    18. And they are relatively unconcerned about the fact that we are all going to die.

    19. The doors all hate you.

    20. As do the monitors.

    21. But the platform signs seem to like you a bit too much.

    22. And after all that, the penalty for eye contact just isn't anywhere near high enough.