16 Pretty Great Tweets About That Bananas Op-Ed By The Secret "Resistance" Trump Official

    In case you somehow missed it, there was a pretty wild op-ed in The New York Times today by a senior Trump official claiming to be part of a secret resistance in the White House! 👀 Here are some good, early reactions.

    1. First of all, people seem to think this is, like, a pretty big deal?

    Nothing like this. Ever. Before. https://t.co/wXDbZxeEhq

    2. But also, it's a mystery!

    3. Like, is this person more of a Finn or a Captain Phasma?

    4. Or are they just in it for the book deal?

    It seems like the person's goal is to get outed and secure a very generous advance on a book deal. https://t.co/rY2alOZIqp

    5. And what will the book's title be?

    I can't wait to read the eventual book, I Too Was Secretly Dismayed the Whole Time, Also: A Memoir of Service

    6. Almost certainly something with a colon in it.

    I Am Willing to Sacrifice Anything to Protect Our Democracy, Up to But Not Including Losing an Election or Giving Up Literally Any Policy That I Support: A Hero's Story

    7. And then there are the important questions, like, did this person do the right thing?

    “We considered using the process spelled out in the constitution but decided that would be too messy and opted for trying a slow-motion coup instead, but then we decided to undermine that by going public about it anonymously.”

    8. Are they the boy mowing the lawn?


    9. And how is the Public Editor at The Times's day going?

    It's a good day not to be the Public Editor of the New York Times.

    10. Some folks are longing for a simpler time.

    If only it were 2012 and this whole thing could have been handled by an anonymous Twitter account.

    11. Like, when the Sopranos was on TV.

    12. Or when the Kardashians was the main thing everyone was interested in.

    10 minutes ago, Google searches for 25th amendment briefly eclipsed searches for Kim Kardashian

    13. Others were amused ...

    "'...in favor of a single one: Americans.' And, SEND"

    14. ... or concerned ...

    15. ... or merely speculative.

    I am part of the Resistance inside the Trump Administration. It’s my job to put President Trump into a trance by holding his head against the ground and drawing a straight line in front of his nose

    16. Anyway, if you don't have time to read the whole op-ed, here's a quick summary for you!