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    19 Reasons To Be A Good Tipper

    The number-one reason to be a good tipper is because it makes you a good person. But these other reasons are pretty good too.

    1. So you can pay your respects to Tupac and Biggie.

    2. So you can help out with a great cause.

    3. So you can show off your amazing art.



    6. So you can hit on someone without actually having to talk to them.

    I feel like the creepiness factor on this one kind of depends a bit on the person, but let's assume it's a non-weirdo.

    7. So you can save this poor fish.

    8. So you can show the world what a nerd you are.

    And hopefully leave a little something extra because pi is not a very good tip on a $26 meal.

    9. So you can make somebody cry (in a good way).

    10. So you can practice your counterfeiting skills.

    11. So you can give someone this experience.

    12. So you can get super creative with your Lincolns.


    14. So you can show off your Futurama knowledge.

    15. So you can play a game.

    16. So you can feed the sea monsters.

    17. So you can show off your math skills.

    18. So you can see what it feels like.

    19. So you can cleanse yourself.

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