11 Reasons The Redskins Should Be Called "The Hogs"

Wouldn’t it be cool if the Washington football team’s name was awesome instead of embarrassing and racist? Here’s 11 powerful arguments in favor of “The Washington Hogs.”

1. Because if we don’t choose something that is actually relevant to the team’s history, it’s going to suck and be stupid.

2. Because these guys are AWESOME.

3. Because this was a pretty great time in our team’s history.

4. And so was this.

5. Because Jeff, Russ, Mark, Joe, George, Don, and Rick would want it.

6. And so would this guy.

7. Because hogs are also AWESOME.

8. And so are Hogettes.

9. Because otherwise, we’re just going to end up with some godawful dumb name just for the sake of alliteration, and we already know what that feels like.

10. Because “hogs on the warpath” is going to be a really fun line to sing when we score a touchdown and sing “Hail to the Hogs.”

11. Because “Redskins” is racist and embarrassing. Sorry, Dan.

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