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Post Your Pet To The Cute List!!!

Do you personally know any pets? OK, good. Because we have a Cute List now (finally), and, with the right combination of ruthlessness and beauty, your cat, dog, or horse or whatever can RISE ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP. You can read more about this below, or just go here to get started! May the cutest animal win!

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This is Whitney's dog Sam. He is #1 on the Cute List right now on account of how goddamn cute he is!


The way this works is that:

1. You submit your pet by following the instructions in the right sidebar here.

2. You vote on other pets using the "Cute Or Not" voting tool (also in the right sidebar).

3. Share your post with your friends and ask them to vote "Cute."

The animals with the most "Cute" votes will rise to the top of the list!