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    27 Questions That Are Guaranteed To Improve Your Day

    Hello! Please take a few short minutes to improve your day by taking this important survey about cute animals.

    Survey Rules:

    Please read each question carefully and formulate your answer in your head.

    Do not say your answer out loud if you are in a shared workplace.

    Smiling or saying "aww" is encouraged but not mandatory.

    Thank you in advance for taking this official BuzzFeed survey.

    QUESTION 1: Do you think that baby seals look quizzical?

    QUESTION 2: In your opinion, should sugar gliders be allowed to order pizzas provided that it is a special occasion?

    QUESTION 3: What do you think this judgmental cat is looking at?

    QUESTION 4: What strikes you more about this image – the friendship between the boy and the kitten, or the tortured expression on the backpack's face?

    QUESTION 5: Do you want to hug this pug who is having an existential crisis, once he is dried off?

    QUESTION 6: Which do you prefer: Wistful puppies or playful kittens who are friends with wistful puppies?

    QUESTION 7: What is your stance on cats taking showers in the sink?

    QUESTION 8: Would you watch a version of Star Wars with only cat and dog actors?

    QUESTION 9: Do you ever feel like you are being watched?

    QUESTION 10: Do you think this cow is pleased to see you?

    QUESTION 11: Is too much gaming making our cats dumber?

    QUESTION 12: Should dogs be allowed to sleep like people?

    QUESTION 13: Oh, um, hi. So what are you dooooing?

    QUESTION 14: Penguins. Do they show off their guns too much?

    QUESTION 15: Where do you stand on the cats-in-sinks backlash? Do you think that there is a backlash to the backlash developing?

    QUESTION 16: Deeerrrrp.

    QUESTION 17 was going to be from this dog, but unfortunately she has forgotten what she was raising her hand for. Please ignore this question.

    QUESTION 18: Cat families: Yay or nay?

    QUESTION 19: Is there more to this cat than just a heart-shaped-nose?

    QUESTION 20: Where is this dog going in such a hurry?

    QUESTION 21: Where do you stand on unconventional feline sitting positions?

    QUESTION 22: Is this puppy stupid or just lazy?

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    QUESTION 23: Don't you think somebody should let these dogs in?

    QUESTION 24: Should mini-horses be allowed to drive?

    QUESTION 25: What do you mean, "No"????

    QUESTION 26: Should puppies who commit premeditated crimes be tried as dogs?


    Thank you for taking this survey to improve your day. Please enjoy this short video featuring a strategically hidden kitten as a token of our gratitude.

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