• 1. Walking Around

    PMcClellan: @petehoekstra Walked around a lot yesterday. Now I know what the Bataan Death March was like.

  • 2. Solidarity

    delrayser: Wife made blatant power grab for the covers last night. Wearing green PJs tonight in protest. Solidarity, @petehoekstra!

  • 3. Sitting Down

    stealingfrom: @petehoekstra Sitting in a chair, feeling a good deal like Stephen Hawking. #GOPfail

  • 4. Chatting With the Neighbor

    chrisbaskind: @petehoekstra My neighbor stopped me to talk today. Now I know what it is like to be questioned by the Basij!

  • 5. Taxi Troubles

    MattOrtega: Walked out onto Constitution Ave in D.C. and was almost hit by a taxi. Reminded me of Tienanmen Square.

  • 6. Getting the Paper

    braggybear: @petehoekstra I stepped onto my neighbor’s lawn to get my daily paper, and I truly felt the plight of illegal immigrants.

  • 7. Walking to Class

    littlelloyd: @petehoekstra I have two walk across campus for a meeting today, feeling like the trail of tears.

  • 8. Sprinklers

    TahirDuckett: @petehoekstra ran through the sprinklers this morning, claimed solidarity with victims of Hurricane Katrina