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    22 Things You Never Realized About Emojis


    Let's start off simply. Here are some emojis that Emojipedia defines differently from how they are commonly used.

    1. This person is not thinking — he is bowing.

    2. These hands are not praying. They are pressed together in a Japanese gesture of apology.

    3. This face is not crying — it is leaking snot from its nose.

    There are also some cool things you can notice about emojis if you look very closely.

    4. There's text on the book. It's from Apple's "Think Different" ad.

    5. Same text on the clipboard, except it's addressed to Kate. WHO IS KATE???

    6. There's an emoji that has an emoji on it.

    7. The "French horn" emoji also appears on this building.

    8. The church actually has stained-glass windows.

    9. The "eyes" emoji has green eyes.

    bet y'all never knew the emoji eyes were green.

    And there are some cool facts you can learn if you study your emoji lore!

    10. July 17 is the date that Mac's iCal feature was first announced.

    11. Wikipedia recognizes emojis in its URLs.

    12. The code on the key is an actual type of key.

    13. And there's already an actual low-key middle finger emoji!

    But if you look TOO closely, things start to get strange...

    14. This man's mustache is shaped like a bat.

    15. The clapping emoji resembles someone catching Doritos.

    16. The snowman is wearing a yarmulke.

    17. The alarm clock shows an impossible time.

    18. The flexing emoji has a sloth for a hand.

    Really strange...


    I've never realized how creepy this emoji is. Like what is coming out of their heads? 👯

    From Emojipedia: "Apple's version shows two girls dancing, each wearing a leotard and bunny ears. On Android and Windows this emoji appears as a woman wearing bunny ears, consistent with the name."

    20. This family has no whites in their dark, soulless eyes.

    21. And the dancing girl emoji is a nightmare creature from a nightmare land, come to usher us all into an endless night.

    22. But the most incredible thing of all is the amazing, true, and heartbreaking tale of the emoji lady in the pink shirt.